About Me

Phạm Ngọc Sông

About me

Hi, I’m Phạm Ngọc Sông and I write Sông’Blog to help me keep my memories and my knowledge . I started Sông’Blog in 2009 and i had wrote when i have free time . Prior to writing this blog , I spent over three years as a student,one years as a developer , 23 year as people ^^ . To contact me, please send email to song20002005@yahoo.com or chat with me via my Yahoo ID : boy_hero88 .

My work

Programmer .

Fast facts

  • At the movies I like to see:The ring , titanic
  • Music I listen to:Đan trường
  • Best album right now:Mùa thu cho em
  • Last book read:Google maps API
  • I wish I could:Fly
  • On my vacation I..:go to Đà Lạt
  • If I won 1 million dollars, I would:help a lot of people and my family !
  • If I were a super hero I would:kill stolen .
  • I want my coffee..:Cappuchino
  • Food I like:Hamburger
  • I don’t like:Die !!!
  • Software I use:Windows + Linux
  • Hardware I use:Intel

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