Write for You . Ron !

I remember ! The first time when i saw you in Bobby Brewer , you are a professional man . You talked to me about job . And a lot about future , i’m very happy with my new job .

But , everything can’t easily ! You have a lot of problem about every thing , a contract with the goverment in HaNoi , and the Hotel of Mr.Nagata , the company you want and now is a passport of you … I know it’s very hard , not easily ! But , you still smile , still do your job every day , still work with me , and we had already done a few thing .

I know you old , when you say with me you don’t run because your led has accident , i know ! Your health not good when the weather cool , I know ! Everything you do , you attempt to do a lot , very hard . I don’t know how to help you because you still say with me that ” everything fine , and you still working for me !” .

But , i know , the money you paid for me alot , and i don’t do a lot of thing for you because a lot of problems .

Now , i’ll attempt to study a lot , and i promise with u , after 3 or 4 months , i can do Flash and write PHP by Zend Framework . I know , if i can do this , the money you paid pay for me will useful !

When you go to Singapore , i think you will have a lot of problems about job , about money , about goverment of America , it’s very hard . But , you can believe god ! God will help you , you still do , still go straight . I hope everything will be fine .

The best to you , Ron Newell .



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